All in one designer

The perfect tool to help you boost your sales in the printing industry.

Easy to use

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a tech geek to run your store. Our software is quick and easy to setup so you can start selling in minutes.

Premium themes

We know that cool, modern, elegant themes can impress your customers and turn them into satisfied buyers.


We provide in-depth documentation along with online video tutorials to help you fully use the provided cutting edge features.


We developed a responsive design in order to ensure accessibility across different platforms and browsers.

Our video

Check out the product designer in action.


Provide your customers with the best features available.

You choose what to personalize

Choose what you want to personalize

Easily choose the product you want to customize and how you want. You can choose a different color of the product or you can change the part of the product where you want to add clip arts, images or text.

Add cliparts and text to your design

Add cliparts and text to your design

We offer you a library with text fonts and also the option to customize the text appearance. You can choose from the default options – bold, italic, underline or alignment. But you can also create a curved text or apply an outline or pattern. It’s up to you!

Helpful layer system

Helpful layer system

You can add each element on a different layer to have a better control on it. You can lock, move or delete layers anytime, as easy as you can edit it in your favorite image editor.

Powerful image uploader

Powerful image uploader

Let your customer’s imagination run wild. The product designer allows you to throw in your own images and designs and customize any products using them.  Play around with the positions and sizes of the elements in order to get the design you envisioned.

A huge pack of designs and cliparts

Awesome Designs

You can find a library with different categories from which you can choose. We are always adding more and more elements that can help you and your customers choose the one that fits to your style. All this items you can access them with no extra cost.

Key bindings

Useful key bindings

Once you’ve finished the customization part, you can see a preview of your desired product! If there’s something you would like to change, you can easily go back to the customization area!

Responsive design

Responsive design

You are going to purchase the most multi-device responsive tool. The online designer is pixel-perfect responsive and you can use it on any device you want – from Windows or Mac devices to iPads, iPhones or Android gadgets. The tool is adapting itself to the screen size of the device it is being viewed on.

Design preview

Design preview

Once you’ve finished the customization part, you can see a preview of your desired product! If there’s something you would like to change, you can easily go back to the customization area!

Premium Graphics

We know that in order to complete the package you will also need premium cliparts and designs, so our graphics are more than just sport and mascot designs.

  • Different design styles and categories to choose from in order to satisfy your customers.
  • More than 500 cliparts and designs to start with and new fresh graphics coming out every month.
  • All graphics from uDesign is under Royalty Free License and it is included with your tool license.
  • Ready to print files – You can create perfect prints after customers create their own designs.

See the entire graphics collection

Our pricing

Choose the plan that suits you best

$49 /1 month
billed monthly
Product Designer License
Wordpress Plugin
Wordpress Themes
Monthly Clipart Bundles
Unlimited Updates
Free Support
$264 /6 months
billed bianually
$44 /mo
Product Designer License
Wordpress Plugin
Wordpress Themes
Monthly Clipart Bundles
Unlimited Updates
Free Support
$499 /12 months
billed anually
$41 /mo
Product Designer License
Wordpress Plugin
Wordpress Themes
Monthly Clipart Bundles
Unlimited Updates
Free Support

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Answers to our frequently asked questions

What do I get after buying one of the licenses above?

On payment completion, you will receive a ZIP file which contains the following items:

– a license key for the product designer

– a Wordpress plugin which acts as a bridge between your shop and the product designer

– customizable WooCommerce enabled themes to use with your shop

– a bundle of print-ready cliparts so that you can start selling right away

Can I host the shop on my own server?

Yes, that’s the idea. It’s your shop, you should be able to have 100% control over it. The only prerequisites are a hosting service and a domain name.

If you are new at this, don’t worry. We’ll help you with the setup so you can have your shop up and running in no time.

Is the license available for multiple domains?

You can use the license on one domain only. However, if you need to transfer the license to another domain, send us the new domain and we’ll be more than happy to change it for you.


If a multi-domain license is a must for you, please contact us and we’ll make you a personalized offer for our product.

What do i need in order to start using your WordPress plugin

In order to start installing and using our plugin obviously you will need WordPress installed on your website  along with WooCommerce.

Also the PHP version installed on your hosting/server must be minimum 5.6

uDesign offers a trial version or a demo for the online designer software?

Yes, you can access the live demo here : and if you want to try it we can give a month of free trial.

What is the payment method used for uDesign software?

uDesign charges a fixed hosting fee so you know exactly what to expect. You can choose for 1, 6 or 12 months license.

uDesign is fully responsive?

Yes, uDesign software is 100% responsive and compatible with all-devices. Works perfectly in iPhone, iPad, Android, windows and any other devices too.

What type of products I can sell with uDesign software?

You can print the designs on t-shirts, posters, mugs, pillows, stickers, caps, bags, promotional materials, etc.

Do I need to pay extra for updates?

No, once purchased the software, you will receive all updates for free.

Can I switch to another license later?

Yes, you can upgrade the license at anytime. More than this, if you choose to upgrade your license you’ll get a discount.

Is it possible to have custom prices for image or text elements added by the customer?

The product designer has a customizable pricing system, that will allow you to set your own prices based on printing area .

Can i create my own product designs or can I only use the product designs in your demos?

You can create your own product designs, demo content shows only the variety of product possibilities that you can use for the Product Designer.

uDesign creates a bridge between our printing business and our daily customers.

Antony Casalena

Owner , IQTeam Print

The uDesign team has created an outstanding tool that satisfies all our needs when it comes to designing tees.

Jenna William

Owner Unworked Apparel

uDesign brings the first truly user-friendly T-shirt Designer CMS. Purchasing this software was a smart move for our printing business.

Jay De Souza

Graphic Designer, Madlabs Printing


If you have any further questions regarding our product,  we would love to hear from you.