UX Design Trends to follow in 2018

2018 UX Design Trends

As we head into the new year, customers and developers are looking for new experiences and new tools to make life on the internet easier, more entertaining and more useful. Therefore User Exprience (UX) and User Interaction (UI) should be at the top of any brand’s agenda in 2018. This year accessibility is the the buzzword, with focus on user-friendly interfaces bound to drive business’ popularity and long-term success. Any professional in the field should check out the next UX Design trends that are gaining momentum as we speak:


Because our smart devices are becoming stronger, faster and more intuitive, developers are now pushing forward more interactive yet subtle details to their images. Cinemagraphs are bound to become a hit! These are not your regular gifs. High quality photos with minor elements that seem to seamlessly change, offer the illusion of movement. It’s fascinating to see a certain part of the photo come alive, making it more attractive, almost hypnotizing. And that is why they are already all over social media, soon to be seen on many sites, like blogs or portfolios.


Another thing to consider is that animation in general will become more and more integral of how brands communicate. Not only has it become easier to create and integrate motion into any kind of message, but the public has grown into being more selective, more rushed, with less and less time on its hands. Animations are here to capture the attention and render complex ideas quicker.

UX Design Trends

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Another trend that was born as a result of new technologies being accessible to the masses is the use or AR and VR. These advancements offer the public new ways of interacting with a product. We love videos and the creative learning. Now we want to literally dive into it. Ikea Place is a perfect example of that. The consumer is looking to test a product, simulate a reality with it and only after to consider a purchase. Now you can actually place the furniture in your house and see what really work with augmented reality.


Speaking of sc-fi, another thing that is quickly embraced by many brands such as Netflix, Amazon or Spotify is Artificial Intelligence. The most common use is in the form of chatbots. They are extremely practical because of how well they simulate human behavior, using a natural language processing system perfect in customer service or information acquisition.

Asymmetry and Brutalism

As far as layout, asymmetry is the keyword. Intersecting elements, grids, split page design are all examples of a sort of counter trend, inspired by a Memphis Design movement. Is it surprising that it originated in the 80s?

People will become accustomed with brutalism, which is at the opposite end of polished and clean. Sites that adopt this style look ragged, fragmented and disruptive, while still communicating effectively. Take the Balenciaga site as an example of that:

UX Design Trends


Creative Market

Creative Bloq


Graphic Mamma

Design Taxi




Popular graphic T-shirt designs to include in your shop

Hit graphic T-shirt designs for your shop

One of the most common ways of expressing yourself – personality, affiliation, likes etc – is through clothing, sometimes unconsciously but most of the time by choice. When we choose clothes to specifically send a message, the t-shirt is the most popular go-to medium. And because of that popularity a lot of niches have developed, up to the point of becoming part of the daily fashion.

Now, we all know how elaborate the fashion industry is and how hard is to set your own style, without falling victim to trends. These many trends apply to t-shirts as well, coming and going with each season. But there’s one type of t-shirt that’s constantly on top of the most popular list: the graphic t-shirt.

It never gets old because people will always want a connection with the outside that is more or less invasive to society, and a graphic print is the easiest expression of one’s mind. It is adaptable depending on the mood, social environment, relationship, occasion – you name it! Good or bad, the graphic t-shirt is there to send the message you don’t want to actually utter out loud.

Now, the type of graphics for t-shirts depend on many factors as I mentioned earlier, but they invariably circle around some general themes. As a business, the graphics you choose to sell can be in trend or can appeal to a certain niche. You can go for pop culture or Christian references. There are no perfect formulas for selling graphic t-shirts; there are no certain types of graphics that guarantee high profits. It’s consistency and quality of graphic that pave the way for a thriving business. Regardless of what type of prints you choose, make sure you use the most suitable printing technique for them.

As far as the themes go, there’s so many to pick from, like Vintage,Minimalist, Geek, Christian, Abstract, Pop culture, Typography, Social causes, Motivational, Music, Celebrations, LifestyleCouples and Sports, which are the most searched for.

Any and all of these types of graphics are included in the comprehensive uDesign toolgraphic T-shirt designs



But let us show you some other examples of successful graphic t-shirt prints that populate the best selling pages of dedicated sites:









These are just some examples of graphic t-shirts you can include in your shop or on your site. These are meant to cover some of the most searched for themes in the industry. Not only will you find such styles in the library that comes with the uDesign tool but it will also include no less than 500 clip-arts and designs to start with. Plus new fresh graphics coming out every month.