5 essential ways to improve creativity

 5 steps to improve creativity

No matter what type of creative you are, be it an illustrator, a writer or a dancer, there’s a point when you inevitably get stuck. Call it a creative rut, artist’s block or any other name, but it all comes down to one basic idea: you feel like you’re out of tools or content to offer. The horrible state is temporary but to shake it off faster, consider some of the following suggestion that are sure to improve creativity:

1.Break away from your routine. The repetition of a process, working in the same environment or using the same tools could curb your creativity. How about doing some work later or sooner than usual; or spending some time in a park instead of the office. If you are a digital artist, consider getting down and dirty with some ink. Whatever your situation, make some changes to your daily routine to allow a sense of new to your process, which could lead to new ideas.

2.Stop overthinking things. You certainly want to do a good job, be original, impress your boss or follow certain client requirements. But being obsessed by deadlines, high expectations and rules will certainly kill your creative vibe. These may challenge you to do better but they will eventually overwhelm you. Free yourself from these thoughts, sit at your desk and let your thoughts/hands run free. Don’t expect anything, instead go with a flow for a few minutes and see what happens. Follow the lines as they run on your paper or screen and improvise. Let it be whatever and return to your desk later. Go take a walk, have coffee or drive around and forget about work. Relieve yourself from the pressure.

3. Share your ideas. Talking about your projects not only helps you commit to your dealines but it’s an essential way to enlarge your perspective. Your friends, family or acquaintances don’t need to be creatives to spring new ideas into your work. They can unknowingly provide some fresh views that could prove useful.

4.Write down anything you can think of that could lead to something new. You can use your phone or keep a notebook at hand at all times to make sure you don’t lose your momentary flash. It’s these small details that will prove life saving later, when in front of a screen or paper.

5.Educate yourself. It may seem repetitive to say that you should continuously read and learn about your craft. But the world it so full of good books and other resources that explore a multitude or approaches. The more your read and delve into your field, the higher the chances for something to hit you and release your from the nasty dead end.

BONUS: And another very important thing that falls under „what NOT to do”: do not compare yourself to others. The is the easiest way to kill any creaTive mindset, any original direction you might have. The worst thing you can do to improve your state is to start analyzing and guessing other people’s process or technique or even result.